Areas of legal expertise

Banking Law and the Law of Capital Markets

Banking contract law

Capital investment law

Credit law

Financial supervision law


Ongoing supervision KWG/ZAG

Outsourcing of banking activities

Payment services

Prevention of money laundering

Procedure for obtaining a license to conduct banking under KWG/ZAG (Banking Act/Supervision of Payment Services Act)

Civil Law

Architectural and engineering law

Brokerage law

Commercial agency law

Commercial law

Condominium property law

Construction law (private and public)

Contract law

Corporate/Company law

Distribution law

General business terms and conditions law

Inheritance law

Insolvency law

Real estate law

Tenancy law

Copyright and Media Law


IT law

Licensing contract law

Press law

Publishing law

Telecommunications law

Insurance Law

Accident insurance

Building insurance

D&O insurance

Disability insurance

Fire insurance

General liability insurance

Health insurance

Life insurance

Medical practitioner’s liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

Property insurance

Intellectual Property

Antitrust law

Competition law

Copyright law

Design law

Drug advertising law

Food law

Law on utility models

Medical devices law

Medicinal products law

Patent law

Pharmacy law

Trademark law

Labor and Employment Law

Co-determination law

Collective bargaining law

Collective labor law

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Data privacy

Employment contract law including general business terms and conditions law

Equal treatment in employment

Executive body liability

Individual labor law

Law governing remuneration

Protection against Dismissal Act

Representation of public employers

Representation of senior executives, executive board members and managing directors in matters concerning staff cuts, individual and mass dismissals


Temporary employment law

Works agreements

Works Constitution Act including reconciliation of interests and social compensation plan

Medical Law

Medical practitioner’s liability law

Contract and corporate law concerning medical professions

Contracts for chief physicians and service contracts with executives

Medical devices law

Occupational law and law on the remuneration of healthcare professionals

Panel physicians law

Pharmacy law

Notarial Services

Corporate Law
(Incorporation [GmbH
(limited liability company), AG
(stock corporation)], formation of partnerships [OHG
(general partnership), GmbH & Co. KG
(limited partnership with a GmbH as general partner), GbR
(non-trading partnership)], corporate sales and acquisitions, measures involving the share capital, amendments of articles of incorporation etc., reorganization/transformation/mergers, applications for registration in the commercial register)

Family Law
(marriage contracts, agreements on the consequences of divorce, domestic partnership, civil union)

Inheritance law
(last wills, contracts of inheritance, gifts inter vivos / anticipated succession, applications for certificate of inheritance, disclaimer of the inheritance)

Real Estate Law
(purchase and sale of real property, creation of real estate liens, building lease agreements
(heritable lease), building developer’s contracts, notarizations within the scope of urban development measures)

Public Law

Administrative law

Church law

Data privacy law

Planning law

Public procurement law

Social law

Tax law