JUVE Handbuch 2021/2022: DANCKELMANN UND KERST again among the leading law firms in competition law!

In the current edition of the Juve Handbook of Commercial Law Firms, DANCKELMANN UND KERST is listed - as it has been for years - among the leading German law firms in competition law ("JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms" 2021/2022).

According to Juve the IP practice Group is among the most respected units when it comes to fundamental disputes in UWG. Competitors praised the firm's "deep knowledge of case law" and its litigation skills. Furthermore, the practice is continuously developing in trademark law.

In addition, attorney Nikolaus Konstantin Rehart is once again ranked by JUVE as one of the leading advisors in Germany in competition law - as he has been for years. JUVE traditionally emphasized that the IP partners of Danckelmann and Kerst, attorney Nikolaus Konstantin Rehart, attorney Dr. Jan-Felix Isele and attorney Dr. Hans-Jürgen Ruhl, often recommended in the field of competition law.


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