BeckOK UWG: Rehart, Ruhl und Isele comment on § 5 UWG (5th edition, 01.04.2019)

Last year a completely new commentary on competition law has been published by C.H. Beck, Munich (BeckOK UWG - edited by Prof. Dr. Jörg Fritzsche, Dr. Reiner Münker and Prof. Dr. Christoph Stollwerck, LL.M.). It is an online commentary that will be updated regularly and at frequent intervals, and therefore particularly addresses the need of legal practitioners. Now online in the 5th edition (01.04.2019).

DANCKELMANN UND KERSTs partners Rehart, Dr. Ruhl and Dr. Isele have jointly commented the most frequently involved provision of competition law: the one about misleading advertisements (etc.) according to § 5 UWG. More than 850 margin numbers and processing of an enormous number of judgments led to a new and extensive commentary of that provision that will be of great help to practitioners working in this field.

The partners Rehart, Dr. Ruhl and Dr. Isele have a nationwide recognized profound experience in competition law since decades and act on behalf of their various clients nationwide in all competition law courts of the first and second instance and "regularly” supervise such proceedings in front of the Federal Court as well.

With this publication, the law firm DANCKELMANN UND KERST particularly emphasizes its high level of competence in the field of IP and particularly in ​​competition law.

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