An excellent rating for DANCKELMANN UND KERST in the 2014 edition of “Kanzleien in Deutschland” (German Law Firms)

DANCKELMANN UND KERST was once again highly rated in the 2014 edition of “Kanzleien in Deutschland” (German Law Firms). According to its editorial team, the name DANCKELMANN UND KERST has for quite some time now been more synonymous with special expertise in intellectual property and strong litigators than with the founder of the "Palandt Commentary" and the NJW. And rightly so. The firm was also mentioned in 2009 and 2012 in the publication "Best Lawyers Germany" and enjoyed positive ratings in other relevant reference works. The expertise of Nikolaus Konstantin Rehart, Dr. Jan-Felix Isele and Dr. Hans-Jürgen Ruhl is particularly appreciated. The 15th edition of "Kanzleien in Deutschland” (German Law Firms) has since been published. It is a reference not only for companies, but also lawyers, associations, chambers of commerce and research institutes. It is researched and written by an independent editorial team of fully qualified lawyers. The ratings are based on numerous discussions, interviews with professionals and HR assessments. More information is available at

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